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The most widely viewed toddler content on Youtube



Wow. 19 billion views?!? Children must love their content. I haven't even heard of this channel and even though I have kids who YouTube a lot, they tend to watch shows like Miraculous Ladybug and My Little Pony.

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My kid loves those lol. Good for them to have those monster views.

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Jet peterson

I have a nephew who is 2, all the day long he passes on youtube by watching his favorite kids show especially car shows. But he is known for one thing, it's their ability to watch and re-watch the same piece of content over and over. In our time, we used to play with the other kids. Then after getting young books were the best company for us. But nowadays kids are prone to these devices which is not so much good I think.

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My second child was raised by Youtube and I have to admit that I wish we didn't. It was easy because it kept her occupied when we were doing stuff but when she started school, it was hard for her to focus and talk to people.

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That's a lot of viewers lol. I wonder if the dude who posted has earned a lot of money from all of the views.

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