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Mother robot created offspring based on natural selection



I think it's an exaggeration to use the word "evolving" to describe what happened here. Weren't the parameters of what a "successful offspring" is still defined by them? Isn't this just a machine making another machine based on presets made by a human? Or did I just completely miss the point of the article? Lol.

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Semantics really.. so YMMV. What's cool about this experiment is their approach to creating fitter and more adapted "offspring". When we think about it, it's not really that much different from how nature does natural selection - nature for the most part requires better adapted organisms as time goes on. Either you adapt or you die.

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Yep agreed. Evolution by upgrading the hardware every generation. Basically the same as in the natural world but only using machines. 

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What's good about this is the offsprings are a lot more advanced that the parent robot. Cool idea.  

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