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Netflix and Hulu on Nintendo Switch



We only use out Switch for gaming so I didn't even know it wasn't possible. I don't see the need for it though since if I want to watch Netflix, I can do it directly through the TV. If I'm travelling, I can use my phone. That and it'd eat up valuable space I could be using for games.

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Maybe it's for people whose TVs don't support Netflix? I don't know, doesn't sound like a  feature that should wow anyone. Just like you, I'm sure I wouldn't be using my gaming console for watching Netflix.

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Jenifer Tabet

It's a pleasure to hear that gamers like us can play against our Facebook friends and relatives and compete for points and bragging rights as like we play PUBG, Mini militia, Farcry COD and others online games. And also we can send links our Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and other social media apps to online game streaming services as well. Consequently, apps like Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube would be everywhere, even on my hand to pass my leisure. Amazing!

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Even old consoles like the PS3 have Netflix and Youtube as their optional features. It's nice to see companies trying different platforms imo.

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Cross platform is the name of the game nowadays. Good on Nintendo for realizing this. 

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