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mouse potato
The "perfect banana" might soon be gone



I've read about this before too but I wonder if it's a problem only in the West or if it's worldwide. Where I live, I regularly see at least 5 kinds of banana for sale in the market and in groceries.

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Jet peterson

Saving the banana when the Cavendish collapses will depend on our finding yet another variety and having similar luck. Alternatively, someone might be able to breed a new, resistant banana using some mix of new technologies and ancient varieties. But if they are going to do so, it will need to be soon.

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They'll probably create another variant or something. 

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That's a good variety, shame it might be gone soon. But then again it's pretty guaranteed that a similar version will eventually pop up to replace it. Bananas as a whole will not go away as it's big business in a lot of areas.

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