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Podcasting isn't dying; it just needs to be done right



Podcasting was supposed to be one of the next big things and profitable as heck, but its industry pioneers, Panoply and Buzzfeed are shutting down their podcasting operations. Industry experts say podcasting isn't going the way of the dodo, but how can we be sure of that?

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Jet peterson

The rises of podcasts signal the end of the decades-long fad of 3-minute soundbite discussions via talking heads on primetime news outlets. Regardless of political persuasion, people just want to hear the long form in-depth discussion, and podcasts are well suited for that.

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Podcasts are here to stay, the problem with this so-called bubble burst is just due to oversaturation. There was a time when everyone and their moms had podcasts and it was too much lmao. Many people still value podcasts as their primary source of entertainment, it may not be as big as a few years back but it still has its place in the market. 

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The podcast is the next evolution of radio. I highly doubt that podcasts will die out anytime soon, the benefits of being in control of your own content is super important in today's entertainment landscape. The problem is that like most things, most people try to jump into the newest fad and once they see that it's not for them they jump right back out. 

Pioneer podcasts like The Joe Rogan Experience and RadioLab will stay for years to come.

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