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mouse potato
Risk of rising carbon dioxide levels



I wouldn't call myself a "green warrior" but my parents raised me to be aware of the impact of little actions on the environment. Like keeping all my trash in my bag and just cleaning it out when I get home. Pocketing candy wrappers instead of dropping them on the street (heathens). Or recycling printouts as scratch paper because "trees died for them."


I was still pretty surprised to find out though that our culture of consuming meet has a big impact on the environment because of the sheer amount of animals that have to be raised, which in turn results into rising CO2 levels. Didn't know though that rising CO2 levels also impacted the nutrients we get on plants.



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jack Brand

high CO2 levels was an effect of the snowball. Once the earth is frozen over the carbon cycle comes to a near halt while volcanism just keeps on adding more CO2 to the atmosphere. After a few million years of this the high albedo of earth (reflectiveness of sunlight) is no longer enough to keep it frozen over (because of the enhanced greenhouse effect), resulting in a rapid deglaciation followed by some of the hottest days on earth.

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James Pallone

The real causes related with the rising of carbon dioxide level which is especially vulnerable to increases in carbon dioxide CO2 emissions on global human nutrition. The resulting nutrient deficiency could affect potentially millions of people, as well as increasing the effects for the millions who do not yet suffer through a lack of nutrition.

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Too much of a good thing will always be an issue. The fact that lots of farms raise cattle on such a big scale, I wouldnt be surprised if the CO2 levels are skewed nowadays. This is just a small part of a bigger problem i think (just like James Pallone said) and I really hope that we as a race would come up with ways on how to stop its effects.

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Taryn Boyle

Countries in South Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa, and the Middle East would also be significantly impacted. They swallow a lot but nutrition aren't maintained properly.  Zinc deficiency, protein deficiency, especially children becoming vulnerable to diseases associated with iron deficiency.

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