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Robots among us?


We have succeeded in making more and more lifelike robots. Robots that look excitingly, alarmingly like real human beings. The next person you meet on the street might not be your friend but a robot who looks exactly like your friend. The question is: did your friend give permission for someone to build a robot that looks just like her?  And how do we know that someone hasn't done that already?  How do we know there aren't already robots among us?

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Tom Kaskey

How to find out if someone is a machine and not human? If you spot someone with a head roughly a mile in diameter and a mile high, you're looking at an AI with human intelligence. That's the best anyone can do with existing technology. I don’t know but I figure a discreetly placed EMP device would do the trick. 

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We are still a couple of decades away from experiencing something remotely similar to that. I mean eventually technology MIGHT be able to create robots with human-like features, but I still believe the it would be easy to know who's real or not. 

I mean it took companies years to develop graphics that can rival real life like features right? Even the Unreal Engine, as advanced as it may seem, still creates very artificial looking graphics imo

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It is a safe 50 years away from ever happening in my estimation. Technology today is still not advanced enough to handle life like movements and nuances of a human being. Even subtle movements like shaking hands still look awkward if a robot does it. 

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