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Robots *have* to take our jobs so we can get paid more


No one wants to lose their job to a robot, even if that job was pretty low-skilled or even menial. But what if the consequence was you had to take on a new, better-paying job? Wouldn't that be worth it?

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Tyson Bareet

New robotics cover all the other categories included in this report. I think robots will evolve behind automation because realistically, you don't need a robot for everything finally.
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Employment is steadily evolving and I agree with most of everything mentioned in the article. But the changes in employment takes years and years and lots of people will surely be affected with unemployment at some point of its evolution.

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James Pallone

The reason new technology has not been the cause of mass unemployment is that new kit will only be used when it makes the production process more profitable. Higher productivity frees up the resources to buy other goods and services. Similarly, the age of robots will lead to more jobs. Because demand is infinite whereas supply is scarce, Whereas the robot is faster and liable than human to meet up those infinite demand.

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