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mouse potato
Self-driving cars can affect property values



I'm really looking forward to self-driving cars because I'm terrified of driving. I've tried learning twice now and both attempts were total disasters. That said, I don't think it's gonna affect property values that much (at least where I'm from) since the time it takes to get from one place to another is still the same. Yes, you can now sleep and do other things while in transit but the time it takes to get home will still be the same.

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I also think that it will not affect property values like you mentioned. What's good about this tech is that it can streamline the way people drive on the roads, once that happens it might be possible for the traffic to improve its flow. Also it makes driving a LOT more convenient and fun at least for me 

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Lili Shtupp

It will improve the traffic flow, that's for sure.

Have you watched the movie "Upgrade"? It was just released this  year, 2018 and I just thought that driverless cars are not for VIP's (Very Important Person) like the President because hackers can manipulate the GPS or the navigator just like what happened in the movie I just mentioned.

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Norma Desmond

I think it would still be better to have the drivers/owners of self driving cars to mandatorily obtain a driver's license  and learn to be a professional drivers on the road. It's not sufficient to just rely on a self driving cars without even knowing how to actually "Drive", right?

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I don’t doubt that self-driving cars will be ready by 2050... but where will you need to go?  Drones will bring you everything you need, virtual reality will enable any experience... and I won’t be surprised if your HOUSE is transportable.  You might be able to tell your home computer, “Let’s go to New York,” and WHOOSH.

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