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The slow death of the electric guitar



I think part of it is because electric guitars are more expensive than acoustic ones. Plus the cost of the amp. I won two acoustic guitars and never even considered getting an electric one. Portability was what stopped me. My friends and I usually play and hang out in the park so an electric guitar would be pretty useless for me.

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Hyden Sober

Acoustic guitar is everywhere rather than electric. When a big party or any concert held, then electric guitar comes to play a role but acoustic is must in there. Even in a hangout we obviously bring acoustic cause it's pretty impossible to bring electric one. I think it was inevitable that the prominent use of electric guitars would decline eventually. It would be more accurate to say that the heavy commercialization of the electric guitar is dying.

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When big guitar companies like Gibson files for bankruptcy then we know there's definitrly a problem. While I agree that an acoustic has lots of value too, electric guitars are a lot more fun to use.

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It seems like there's an evolution among music makers nowadays. Lots of artists prefer to use apps instead of hire actual music professionals, it's kinda sad if you think about it as it would surely a thing in the years to come. 

I just hope that traditional musicians would still exist even if music continues to evolve.

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