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Smartphone make us Superhuman! Amazing?



Now a days people are very much used to smartphones in their daily lifestyles. Social Media, Camera, Video platforms, websites killing our times but in the same time some useful apps make us superhuman as well. The technology has become like a phantom limb and we can't thing a single moment without this.

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Forrest Gump

I agree to this statement -- "increasingly have become tools for fighting corruption, buying stuff, bolstering memory, promoting politics, improving education and giving people around the world more access to health care." 

Smartphones are to be used in a positive way. Eg: Reporting bribery in the politics, promoting true personalities in the politics, improving education by easy way of researching unlike before when we use only books in researching etc. 

There are a lot of positive side effects of smartphones and it depends on us on how we are going to use it.

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Charles Kane

How does smarphones make us superhumans? Smartphones makes everyone lazy! 

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Ronan Lombardo

You know, laziness makes a man think innovative things and convert any complicated forms into easier. Although the popular technology like mobile device changes our social consequences especially for teenagers, this technology is widespread for all ages and prone to gather all pieces of knowledge which are not farther than a single meter.

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If anything technology, particularly smart phones, have become a critical part of life that most people feel inadequete without them lol. It allows us to do be more efficient yes, but it also made us too dependent on it in some ways. 

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This is so true! Sartphones are super useful but humans today are not able to do anything without them. I wouldn't say this technology addiction is making us superhumans at all. We don't know how to do math, we're forgetting how to write, can't read maps... we would probably be extremely lost and being lost is not one of superhuman's powers.

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Tyson Bareet

Things just not like that @Ronan Lombardo 

It's all about priority or it varies subject to subject. It matters which sector you are in. Most of the time laziness results in burden. You may use potential. This the only thing which brings success or something like that.

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Charles Kane

This is the reason why percentage in the population of obesity is increasing rapidly in the past years. They become more and more depdendent to these technologies to the point wherein they do not know how to prioritize things in order. 

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