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Social media sites are dumpster fires



I de-activated my Facebook and LinkedIn account almost two years ago when I found the election discourse too hateful. If that's the kind of world (and people) these sites are going to connect me to, I'd rather be off their sites. These days, every time I miss browsing through or posting on Facebook, all I need to do is read a couple of  Youtube comments and I'm reminded why I quit.

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Bonsai Girl

I would never get rid of my Facebook, or Twitter or any other social media. It's like seeing whole world on one screen - good ones, bad ones, trolls.. And I think it's a good thing we are able to see and meet all kind of people from the safety of our home. These are the people who are all around us anyhow, only they're louder on the internet. If you ask me, the only thing Facebook is doing is raising awareness of how much stupid, mean and hateful people live around us. 

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Ronan Lombardo

People are generally nice and moderate and want to help. People I meet in person are mostly nice. It is media (includes the Internet, not just TV) that often makes it seem like they are not. If you think people suck, I recommend fewer media, less internet (though there are good parts) and more talking to people in the meatspace in real life.

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While I absolutely agree that most of social media is trash, I still have my Facebook up purely for communication purposes. If people get ratty about the negativity of social media, they can just make changes to their settings. 

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Charles Kane

It hit my mind, too! Once. I Think? But then I realized why do I need to close it when I can choose what I want to see on my feed, right? I can choose the group that I want to follow and join, where there are less hate and all you will see are light conversations/comments. It helped me open my mind with the kind of world that I am now living in. Different kinds and attitudes of people and how dangerous at the same time exciting the world  we have right now compared to the good old days. I've already accepted and now embracing the change. Change is inevitable you know. :-)

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This, what Charles Kane said is so true!

You guys know there are block and/or ignore buttons everywhere so you don't have to deal with people you don't like?

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Tom Kaskey

I also tried so much to permanently delete my facebook, instagram even twitter account. But I failed all the time. First, I think I'll stop my eagerness in those social media by simply logging off or uninstall the apps in mobile at least. And some days later my mind starts exaggerating for the notification. Also, I used to get the notification of my class' changed schedule on facebook and by checking those I lost my valuable time. Can't we look for another system without wasting our time?

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To everyone who's talking about how we can just block them, the video actually mentioned that's not very healthy too. If all the opinion and thoughts you see are filtered and based on what you like seeing, it doesn't allow you to broaden your thoughts or even provide you with a platform for discourse.

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I hate what social media has become. It was such a novel idea - a platform where people from all over the world can interact with very little hassle. But as with everything, it got ugly real fast the moment people realized that they could get away with stuff. It's a shame really.

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