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Summers are going to get dramatically hotter



I think this is something we all felt this summer. We even had to buy a new a/c unit because the heat was so bad I kept getting migraines. On the US, Japan, and other countries also had issues with the elderly dying from heatstroke. 

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Tell me about it! Summer this year was terribly hot it's crazy. And with global warming getting worse and worse every year, we can only expect the next summers will only get hotter.

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James Pallone

It's getting warmer day by day in summer. Excessively hot weather causes a great effect doing our daily activities. Cold is not a big deal for those areas where faces because they always take every effective step. Even they use costumes according to the temperature and inside the home, they use the considerable heater. But for these excessive higher temperatures we need a big air conditioner or cooler.

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