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Tomorrow's robots won't look like people; they'll look like... origami?


I get that the robots of tomorrow won't necessarily look like people (though that would be really exciting). They look pretty clunky now, but advances in "soft robot" design will produce muscles that fold like origami?  Hmm.  I agree that it would be logical to have the robots (or robotic parts) blend in with the environment of everyday things.  I think I would just be freaked out if my coffee machine suddenly transformed into a little origami-like dude and suddenly poured my coffee for me.  Interesting, but would take getting used to.

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Cosmo Brown

Origami? hahaha! -- Possible though.

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Jenifer Tabet

When we hear about Robot, it simply comes to our minds a humanoid form indeed. Also, I remember 'Transformer movie'  where a humanoid shape robot automatically transforms into a fabulous car. Remember!? So, it's always will be also our future vision which purpose is for different transformation to perform different works being a single a robot.

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