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mouse potato
The U.S. throws away perfectly good food



I think the issue with U.S. is fear of litigation. I remember seeing a couple of clips where they talk about how they're afraid to donate leftovers and stuff because they're afraid to get sued because it gave someone a tummy ache or something. This is why in some areas, they even turn away people who rummage through the dumpsters.

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Tyson Bareet

Globally, about one-third of food is wasted not just in US. There is a lot of hunger and starvation in the US but the big growers do not want to piss off retailers. They are just not going to call because that will be the last order they will ever sell to them. That’s their fear. They are really in a pickle.

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I just came what Tyson already said. It's not just US, it's the same in the whole world. We have crazy laws not allowing us to use food supplies to the max and there are countries where companies can't even donate not so good nut still edible food to hungry people but have to destroy it. It's a sad world we live in :(

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Yes, I agree that this is not only specific to the US but is a worldwide issue. We really need to find ways on how to to properly distribute food. I mean restaurants are literally wasting money for "spoiled" items. 

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Taryn Boyle

Yes, right you are... Not only US, many countries especially Arab countries are wasting a lot of foods. They waste food with no causes. I heard from my Grandfather who visited Kuwait that they arrange a party and have a full (Dumba) in one full dish.

Please have a look at this video...

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They should give those to farms to feed livestock...Heck if the food is still fresh they can just give it to anyone outside their store, I'm sure people will gladly take the food if it's still good to eat.

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