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Voice-activated ordering for restaurants



I didn't know so many people use these voice-activated things now. I mean, 18% within 3 years? I thought these things posed several privacy issues and would just end up being a forgotten tech.

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Taryn Boyle

Voice automation offers consumers the easy and accessible ordering experience indeed ... they want without having to leave the comforts of their couch.

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I on't see what's so surprising about this. I'm using  Google Assistant from day one and it's one of the most useful things on my phone. Can't wait till I'll actually be able to order food using it.

@erzatitania - what privacy issues you're talking about?

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Jenifer Tabet

Having this one sometimes people will be very polite. But other times people might get very angry, too. Instead of talking to it like it’s a computer, they talk as if it’s a real person.

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All in the name of convenience. I am all for it!

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Hey if it makes life easier then nothing wrong with it. 

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Nice! I'd love to have that in my house

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