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VR, AR, and the Future of Storytelling

Nicolás Alcalá dives into the future of immersive filmmaking and storytelling. Alcalá is CEO and founder of Future Lighthouse, a virtual reality studio based in Los Angeles and Spain. He believes movies and video games will come together in the future to form a new medium of expression that's interactive, immersive, and adaptive. 

I just watched this video. It's very interesting. If you have a little interest in VR, AR you should watch this video. Comment your thoughts :)

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Thanks for sharing the video with us! I also had watched that video and it changed my mind a lot.


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Tyson Bareet

VR Virtual Reality! It's a Boom! 

When I first tried, it brought my mind feeling as though it’s falling off a ledge, driving on the highway, or flying above the desert in a movie theater.

It's a pleasure to this blog to learn this beautiful story. Thanks

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Hyden Sober

The sense of presence in VR transforms the storytelling experience. Participants become part of an environment with an incentive to act and respond to the events they encounter. Thanks a lot for sharing the video.

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Norma Desmond

Many experiments with AR now allow users to explore locations using mobile devices with graphical overlays that can teach users about historical locations, explore tourist destinations, play games that use AR to place game interfaces directly onto real-life surfaces, or even use AR to teach and warn people about safety conditions or as critical navigation.  Now, however, stories can be told with immersive technology like virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), making the audience not only observers, but participants. 

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