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Water scarcity and drought by 2050



This is a scary thing. This is a basic need for all of us to survive but so many people are still nonchalant about wasting water. I even saw in the news that some drilling for deep well water is also a very dangerous thing because it will take decades for the "water packets" to fill up again.

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It's fun to see all important lessons are coming from Europe. Well, I'm in Europe and have to say we do not know how to respect water. We never learned how to save water or that it could actually become a problem for us. And I believe that's the source of all our (European) water problems. I don't know if kids today learn those things in schools, I know I didn't and if we ever run out of water I'll blame the lack of education.   

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<p>Unless science comes up with ways to "create" water then we should all be very, very scared.&nbsp;</p>

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Taryn Boyle

In drought belts encompassing Mexico, western South America, southern Europe, China, Australia, and South Africa, rainfall is likely to decline. Pollution has worsened in almost every river in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. In Pakistan, they feel the scarcity of clean water due to heavy salt in the deep tube. Europe is much better position regarding this water problem.

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This along with global warming are my biggest fears in the upcoming decades. I sometimes feel like most people just don't care about these threats for some reason. 

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Tyson Bareet

Theoretically, this is possible, but it would be an extrem­ely dangerous process indeed.  Mixing hydrogen and oxygen together doesn't help; you're still left with just separate hydrogen and oxygen atoms. But there are safer ways of creating water out of thin air, and projects to do just that are already underway!

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