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Web series getting TV adaptations



I'm almost always in front of my laptop either for work, playing games, or binge-watching on Netflix but I haven't watched a single web series or show. I bet there are great gems there but there's also just way too much mediocre ones that I may have to sit through. I'm glad the good ones are getting the backing and funding they need though.

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The digital platform has created an avenue to reach a bigger audience that's why big companies are also utilizing it to their benefit.

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It's actually a logical approach as grabbing existing IPs is pretty safe because most already have their own fanbase. Same thing with comic to movie adaptations. 

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There a lot of talented independent guys out there. I'm all for the big suits supporting the indie people. 

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Ronan Lombardo

There's a lot of stuff to sift through on Now TV Entertainment. By picking out the series and shows we think we should watch, that's how! Yeah, a larger portion of budget should be allocated for those artists. We obviously spend a lot more times just to watch, so how they might have to be.... being part of that act!

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