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We'll live a lot longer than most longevity studies seem to think



Longevity studies that forecast a 4- to 5--year increase in longevity could be well off the mark due to anti-aging treatments and the treatment of aging as a medical condition. It seems there are really good rejuvenation therapies already available today, albeit costing hundreds of dollars per dose. In the future, these could well be much cheaper and more ubiquitous, enabling a larger segment of society to live longer. But what could be the social or cultural consequences of this?

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Hyden Sober

There is no doubt that the transformation of death in low mortality populations from a volatile event to a much more stable aging-related condition, has set the stage for some degree of confidence in predicting the future course of mortality, especially over the short term. 


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Yes for sure. Leaps in medicine will definitely make our lives longer in the future, just as it has for decades. I really hope that we finally find the cure for things such as cancer in the next few years.

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I'm hoping that we find better solutions for things like cancer in the future. But yes I agree that the typical human lifespan will increase for the most part.

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