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What creepy, human-looking robots have taught us


Given that we tend to become totally creeped-out when confronted with a robot that very, very eerily resembles a person... should we be trying at all to make robots look like us? If they succeed, would we embrace them or resent them?

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We have robots and we have real dolls, I don't see why these two couldn't be combined into one (perfect lol) robotic creature. I don't know how I'd feel if I met something like that in real life. It might be cool and fun. It might creep me out. I really don't know and can't tell until that happens.

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James Pallone

Sophia, the unpredictable robot that was made by Hanson traveled to many countries as well. Those countries had to pay a lot just for spend some awesome time with Sophia like talking, shaking hands etc. Sophia was perfect but there was only a complain arose all over the people and that was 'It would be great if the skin crease and body shape of Sophia are Humanoid'. However, as we delve deeper into the world of robotics and AI, we also seem to coincidentally explore how creepy this field of science can be.

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