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When computer minds start making computer minds


Scientists asked some AI software to design... AI software. Its efforts completely surpassed previously published results. That's right folks, AI can now make AI and do it much better than we predicted. But this isn't something that we should worry about, right?  We're still in control, right?

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I've been saying this over and over in the forums: we are in big trouble lol. Most people think that nuclear weapons are the big threat but AI creating AI is actually the big one. 

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I believe that AI creating new AI will be a reality if  once the technology is advanced enough. I have read AI that can create it's own code as we speak, from I understand it uses existing codes and it can create new pathways based from it. Amazing really. 

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Oh it will definitely happen. Once AI learns to create new things it will learn to build a better and more efficient version of itself.

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