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Will VR films provide a better experience for viewers?



I have motion sickness so my forays into VR didn't really end well for me. Several minutes exploring the streets of Paris using a VR box gave me a migraine that lasted for hours. I'm curious though how VR tech can add value to our experience when watching movies or feature films. One of the things I appreciate when watching movies are the camera angles and the way the director chooses to frame each scene. I wonder how VR affects that.

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People's viewing experience will be a more interactive with VR in the mix. I'm actually excited for this lol.

In terms of making people dizzy, it all depends on how they develop the tech. I believe that it may be similar to videogames in the 32 bit era, that was the first time that companies were really pushing 3d gaming. I remember back in the day those early 3d games made a lot of people really dizzy after a couple of minutes, after a few years they were able to make big leaps in 3d development and the complaints stopped. We are still in the early stages of VR and AR, things will get better in the future. 

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Otis Driftwood

Right you are, Nate. I’m assuming improvements and new innovations to better the use of it is on the works now. I’m also excited for this, too! 

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I will be a more immersive experience that's for sure. Imagine a virtual world where you can freely interact with the environment and every move you make will have an effect to your surroundings. It's actually happening in gaming right now with the Oculus Rift, but there will surely be greater enhancements once companies place their attention to VR.

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