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The world's most toxic cities



My husband has been to India several times and he has told me about how certain areas are dirty. Didn't know it was this bad though.

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Forrest Gump

India even has this India oder right after taking off the plane. I guess this is mainly because of street animals, vehicle traffic, piles of trash, and random street vendors, the many markets (yummy food both cooking and rotting), and the prevalence of public urination.

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I'm guessing it's because of the animals like my boy said above. India's population is also a major factor in this, the more people you put in an area the bigger the harder it is sometimes to enforce rules on cleanliness and order. 

"and the prevalence of public urination". - WAT

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I laughed WAY too hard at this :D Then I went and google public urination problems and it looks like public urination is a real problem :o 

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Barton Fink

There is a sad truth that this country struggles with immense poverty in many areas. Almost half of the population defecates/poops in public because they are too poorly educated to know how to use a toilet, and many also litter and spit on the streets as they are unaware of the risks of plague and disease.

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According to travel forums most toxic cities are:

The most toxic cities:
1. Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Marietta
2. Detroit-Warren-Livonia
3. Chicago-Naperville-Joliet
4. Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown
5. Philadelphia-Camden-Wilmington
6. Cleveland-Elyria-Mentor
7. Los Angeles-Long Beach-Santa Ana
8. Jacksonville
9. Baltimore-Towson
10. Portland-Vancouver-Beaverton

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A public urination problem? Oh wow that's a big problem!

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