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Would you rather order from a person or a robot?



I feel bad for the people who are losing jobs because of automation but I can't even remember the last time I talked to someone to have food delivered. I prefer ordering online since I get to pick and choose at my own pace and can look at the prices and any ongoing promos.

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I don't believe it matters that much tbh.. at least in the fast food industry. It's a shame that food servers will surely get affected by automation, but the job itself can easily be replaced by robots.

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Tyson Bareet

This trend is nothing new. Chains have responded to rising labor costs and technological advancement accordingly and McDonald's has been leading the way as a pioneer in productivity among employees, concepts, and machines. These innovations have reduced the labor needed to increase output levels and make employees’ jobs easier in the process.

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Lancaster Dodd

I'd like to try once for experience but not for long. lol


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I really couldn't care less about this. And yeah, I'm one of the guys who prefers using kiosks in McDonald's. There's no wait time, no discussions with cashier if I'd like ketchup, water, juice, coke, and whole order is done and paid in few seconds. All McDonald's around me have those kiosks and I haven't noticed less workers, they are just doing other things instead of dealing with orders.

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Ronan Lombardo

Do you think this innovation has reduced labor works a lot? I don't think so because of it doesn't vary so much due to this tiny management. Yeah, you can say this process has made the duties of other employees easier!

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