State of culture in 2023 | Future Forecast

Read 45 culture predictions for 2023, a year that will see the world transform thanks to disruptions in culture that will impact a wide range of sectors—and we explore them all. It’s your future, discover what you’re in for.

Culture innovations for 2023
In 2023, a number of culture breakthroughs and trends will become available to the public, for example:
  • Canadians with criminal records will have their cannabis-related convictions pardoned between 2020 and 2023. Likelihood: 80% 1
  • The Canadian government decriminalizes the possession and consumption of all illicit drugs in a shift toward treating addicts instead of incarcerating them between 2023 to 2024. Likelihood: 50% 1
  • 90% of the global population will have a supercomputer in their pocket. 1
  • 10% of reading glasses will be connected to the internet. 1
  • 80% of people on earth will have a digital presence online. 1
  • The first government to replace its census with big-data technologies 1
  • World population forecasted to reach 7,991,396,000 1
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