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Read 143 predictions for 2024, a year that will see the world transform in big and small ways; this includes disruptions throughout our culture, technology, science, health and business sectors. It’s your future, discover what you’re in for.

Fast Forecasts for 2024
  • More than 50% of Internet traffic to homes will be from appliances and other home devices. 1
  • Artificial muscles used in robots can lift more weight and generate more mechanical power than human muscles 1
  • New prosthetic models convey sensations of feeling 1
  • First manned mission to Mars 1
  • Cost of solar panels, per watt, equals 0.9 US dollars 1
  • Global reserves of Indium is fully mined and depleted 1
  • Saudi Arabia's "Jubail II" is fully built 1
  • World population forecasted to reach 8,067,008,000 1
  • World sales of electric vehicles reaches 9,206,667 1
  • Predicted global mobile web traffic equals 84 exabytes 1
  • Global Internet traffic grows to 348 exabytes 1

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Business News for 2024

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Science Forecasts for 2024

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