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Read 126 predictions for 2024, a year that will see the world transform in big and small ways; this includes disruptions throughout our culture, technology, science, health and business sectors. It’s your future, discover what you’re in for.

Fast Forecasts for 2024
  • $2 billion joint LNG project between Tokyo Gas and the Philippines’ First Gen Corp to be completed this year. Likelihood 60% 1
  • The federal government's IT infrastructure has been entirely modernised this year to keep records secure and reduce the risk of cybersecurity threats. Likelihood: 60% 1
  • 50% of Australia's electricity now comes from renewable sources. Likelihood: 60% 1
  • Development of solar and wind energy projects propel Australia to realize the fastest reduction of emission rates in its history, as the country meets its Paris Agreement target five years ahead of schedule. Likelihood: 50% 1
  • Between 2022 to 2026, the worldwide shift from smartphones to wearable augmented reality (AR) glasses will begin and will accelerate as the 5G rollout is completed. These next-generation AR devices will offer users context-rich information about their environment in real-time. (Likelihood 90%) 1
  • Between 2022 to 2024, India's state of Telangana completes the world's biggest lift irrigation project to address the state's agriculture drought challenges. (Likelihood 90%) 1
  • Between 2022 to 2024, cellular vehicle-to-everything technology (C-V2X) will be included in all new vehicle models sold in the US, enabling better communication between cars and city infrastructure, and reducing accidents overall. Likelihood: 80% 1
  • All US Navy vessels from cruisers to carriers now fire next-generation hypervelocity projectiles (HVP)—these are Mach 3 shells that can fire up to three times as far as conventional ship gun ammo; they can also intercept incoming anti-ship missiles. Likelihood: 80% 1
  • Between 2024 and 2026, NASA’s first crewed mission to the moon will safely be completed, marking the first crewed mission to the moon in decades. It will also include the first female astronaut to step on the moon as well. Likelihood: 70% 1
  • The US is now the world’s biggest export of liquified natural gas (LNG). Likelihood: 70% 1
  • Thanks to fracking technology, the US’ oil output overtakes OPEC this year. Likelihood: 80% 1
  • The US ramps up its trade and infrastructure investments across Africa between 2021 to 2024 to better counter China’s fast-growing influence on the continent. Likelihood: 70% 1
  • The Federal Reserve launches a real-time payment service (Called FedNow) between 2023 and 2024 to accelerate the modernization of the US payments network. This initiative will help the poorest Americans by helping them get access to money faster and pay fewer bank fees overall. Likelihood: 90% 1
  • The Intelligent Transport System’s global conference is to be held in Birmingham, putting the spotlight on the UK’s active efforts in driverless vehicle research and other transport innovations. Likelihood: 70% 1
  • UK’s new British alternative to Disneyland is now open! Called Paramount London, the theme park has rides, excursions, hotels, and restaurants galore. Likelihood: 40% 1
  • Canada's controversial equalization payment program, that directs revenues from rich provinces to poorer ones, ends this year, setting up the stage for heated renegotiations between the provinces for the future of the program—especially since the majority Likelihood: 80% 1
  • Over 50 percent of corporate Canada now uses alternative legal service providers for litigation support. Likelihood: 80% 1
  • The government expects to award a contract for a new fleet of 88 fighter jets between 2022-24, with deliveries by the mid-2020s and a fully modernized air force by the early 2030s. Likelihood: 80% 1
  • Between 2022 to 2025, Canada enacts a universal, single-payer public pharmacare system worth $15 billion that will draft a national list of prescription medicines that will be covered by the taxpayer. Likelihood: 60% 1
  • LNG Canada, a multibillion-dollar liquefied natural gas project in western Canada, begins supplying customers in Asia with gas. Likelihood: 80% 1
  • Indigenous businesses now contribute roughly $100 billion to the Canadian economy, an increase of 3X since 2019. Likelihood: 60% 1
  • The Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion to be completed between 2022 to 2024, thereby enabling a more efficient shipment of crude oil from Alberta to Vancouver and then out to Asian markets. It will also add 590,000 barrels of daily shipping capacity, a 15% Likelihood: 60% 1
  • The Canadian government decriminalizes the possession and consumption of all illicit drugs in a shift toward treating addicts instead of incarcerating them between 2023 to 2024. Likelihood: 50% 1
  • The Gordie Howe International Bridge connecting Windsor and Detroit is completed. Likelihood: 80% 1
  • More than 50% of Internet traffic to homes will be from appliances and other home devices. 1
  • Artificial muscles used in robots can lift more weight and generate more mechanical power than human muscles 1
  • New prosthetic models convey sensations of feeling 1
  • First manned mission to Mars 1
  • Cost of solar panels, per watt, equals 0.9 US dollars 1
  • Global reserves of Indium is fully mined and depleted 1
  • Saudi Arabia's "Jubail II" is fully built 1
  • World population forecasted to reach 8,067,008,000 1
  • World sales of electric vehicles reaches 9,206,667 1
  • Predicted global mobile web traffic equals 84 exabytes 1
  • Global Internet traffic grows to 348 exabytes 1

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