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Read 0 predictions for 2050, a year that will see the world transform in big and small ways; this includes disruptions throughout our culture, technology, science, health and business sectors. It’s your future, discover what you’re in for.

health forecasts for 2050

In 2050, a number of health breakthroughs and trends will become available to the public, for example:
  • There are now around 141,000 senior citizens aged over 100 years living in France—the most in its history. 75% 1
  • Between 2045 to 2050, some humans turn to bionic enhancements to improve their mental and physical capabilities, a divergent human and cyborg class may emerge, splitting the human population not just by race, but by ability and potentially creating new sub-species. (Likelihood 65%) 1
  • Between 2022 to 2025, Canada enacts a universal, single-payer public pharmacare system worth $15 billion that will draft a national list of prescription medicines that will be covered by the taxpayer. Likelihood: 60% 1
  • 6 million people now die per year from complications with air pollution. 1
  • Half of the world's population will be short-sighted 1
Health related predictions due to make an impact in 2050 include:

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