Life in 2030,

Human evolution into computers by 2070 | S1:E1

November 02, 2016

In this episode of the Life in 2030 podcast, we explore how the technologies we’re currently working on could one day lead to our next evolutionary jump from man to machine.

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But what do you think? In what ways do you think we’ll end up using technologies like VR, AR, BCI? In trying to create an AI, are we really trying to create a god? Will the Metaverse ever become a reality?

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Executive producer, writer, and narrator: David Tal, President of Quantumrun. Reach him @DavidTalWrites across all social media.

Producer and podcast editor: Kaelah Shimonov

All music heard throughout this podcast was composed by Karl Gutowski.  

Voiceover artists in order of appearance: Pippa Vos, Jeff Parker, Ruby Quinn, Michael Crey, Jonathan, Mike McKay, Jim Foster, Lance Huff, Bentley Michaels, Raymond Edwards, Triera Holley, Domingo, Melissa Fabregas, Bentley Michaels, Robert Anthony, Coco des Rosiers, Kathy Curtis

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  • Hayden Vandenbrink

    I’ll be honest, a lot of this scared me somewhat. Maybe it’s the tone of the podcast, with the heartbeats and whatnot. And yet, a lot of this fills me with joy. I don’t know how much will actually happen, but it’s exciting, in a “bungie jump off a bridge” way. Like your stomach is fallout from under you right before a fall.

    Great job!

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