Life in 2030,
20 MIN

Life after robots take all our jobs | S1:E9

April 10, 2017

In this episode of the Life in 2030 podcast, we explore how the automation revolution will make our current beliefs around employment obsolete and what life will be like when we no longer need to work to get by.

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Scott Santens, Writer and Basic Income advocate. He is associated with the United States Basic Income Guarantee Network, Basic Income Action, and Moderator of the /r/BasicIncome community on Reddit.

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Andrew Stern, former president of the Service Employees International Union and currently a Fellow at Columbia Universit.

His new book — Raising the Floor: How a Universal Basic Income can renew our economy and rebuild the American dream — is out now and available for order here:


What do you think? Will robots and AI really take all or most of our jobs? What types of work will people take on if they didn’t need to work at all? What kind of work would you take on?

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Executive producer, writer and narrator: David Tal, President of Quantumrun. Reach him @DavidTalWrites across all social media.

Producer and podcast editor: Kaelah Shimonov

All music heard throughout this podcast was composed by Karl Gutowski.  


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    It’s an open question whether the cost of living will drop for everyone or there will be some sort of segregation of society into more wealthy areas with infrastructure and poor areas lacking in basic amenities. Honestly our societies are veering towards an individualistic experience, where people are expected to overcome problems on their own and the idea of UBI is considered abhorrent or highly immoral and destructive, in the sense that it will demotivate people from being productive. Of course giant corporations care about their consumer base, so they would ideally prefer a society that has money to spend but is UBI the only or more practical choice they have?

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