Life in 2030,
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Universal Basic Income: Our generation’s New Deal? | S1:E8

March 22, 2017

In this episode of the Life in 2030 podcast, we explore the tools governments will use to support the hordes of unemployed workers that technology will make obsolete. In particular, we explore the growing support among government and Silicon Valley leaders for the Universal Basic Income.

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*Jim Pugh, Cofounder of the Universal Income Project, an organization devoted to the expansion of economic security and human dignity through the implementation of a universal income in America. Learn more about their work here:
*Jenna van Draanen, Executive Board Member for the Basic Income Canada Network. Learn more about their petition to advance the support for the UBI at:
*Andrew Stern, former president of the Service Employees International Union and currently a Fellow at Columbia University, whose new book — Raising the Floor: How a Universal Basic Income can renew our economy and rebuild the American dream — is out now and available for order here:


What do you think? Will a Universal Basic Income save our solve the issue of widescale unemployment? Will it save our economic system from collapse? Do you think it will create a nation Netflix watching couch potatoes? Send us your thoughts at We’ll publish the most thoughtful feedback on our website. Or post a comment in one of our Future of Work articles, also published on We go into way more detail about this topic there.


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Executive producer, writer and narrator: David Tal, President of Quantumrun. Reach him @DavidTalWrites across all social media.
Producer and podcast editor: Kaelah Shimonov

All music heard throughout this podcast was composed by Karl Gutowski.

Image credit: Christopher Andrews


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