Life in 2030,
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When aging becomes optional | S1:E10

April 27, 2017

In this episode of the Life in 2030 podcast, we explore the growing field of life extension (longevity) that could push the average human lifespan well past 100 years. More important, we also explore the wider impact this science might have on society at large.

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Paul Irving, Chairman, Center for the Future of Aging, Milken Institute

– Paul is also a distinguished scholar at the University of South California, Davis School of Gerontology

– Read the Milken Institute’s latest report, Best Cities for Successful Aging 2017.

Daisy Robinton, PhD via Laboratory of George Q. Daley, Boston Children’s Hospital, and Harvard University.

– Watch her TED Talk:

– Find her latest project that brings together science and the arts at:


What do you think? Is thought life extension therapy all it’s cracked up to be? Is it a good thing or will it do more harm than good? Would you want to live until 150 or longer?

Send us your thoughts at We’ll publish the most thoughtful feedback on our website,


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Executive producer, writer and narrator: David Tal, President of Quantumrun. Reach him @DavidTalWrites across all social media.

Producer and podcast editor: Kaelah Shimonov

All music heard throughout this podcast was composed by the ever talented, Karl Gutowski.

And a special thanks goes out to our voiceover artists, Sarah Rosangela, Bentley Michaels, and Laura K. Welsh.

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