Life in 2030,
23 MIN

When Millennials take over politics and the world | S1:E5

January 28, 2017

In this episode of the Life in 2030 podcast, we explore how the overly exposed and criticized generation of Millennials will reshape our future world. We’ll take a look at what makes this generation tick and the future trends they’ll be expected to lead.

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Christina “CK” Kerley, Futurist, Consultant, Speaker

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What role will millennials play in shaping our society, business, and politics over the next two years?

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Executive producer, writer, and narrator: David Tal, President of Quantumrun. Reach him @DavidTalWrites across all social media.

Producer and podcast editor: Kaelah Shimonov

All music heard throughout this podcast was composed by Karl Gutowski.  

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