Future Technology


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Future of Computers P4
Future of energy P1
Computer Piracy
Finger touching device
Robot Chef
Water Scarcity
Soar Roadways
Swimming Shrimp
Earth From Space
Image via Lucasfilm.
Plant Charger
Atmospheric water harvesting
Pine Cone
Image via <a href="http://www.solaremmy.com/?page_id=220" >Solar Emmy <a>
Quantum technology
Pet Communications Felines
Human and robot relationship
Laundry Machine
A ladybug lifts its wings, about to take off.
3D print
Quantum computing future D-Wave
Image via Bitcongress.com
Quant e-Sportlimousine
The sun sets over a train speeding through a busy city centre.
Cloud Computing
The Deep Web
3D Printer
Desalination water plant drinkable
Show of Hands
brazil environment
Image via Forbes
Image Credit via Flickr
A person holding a glowing green ring illuminates a stone tunnel.
Hand holding smartphone
Online Doctor
Quantum technology
3D selfies
Virtual reality health mental
Robotic Exoskeleton
Image via Polygon Medical Animation
Spools of thread
Nuclear Fusion
Future of Computers P1
Big Data Web and the Digital Assistant Revolution
Augmented Reality in your Daily Life
Virtual Reality and the Global Hive Mind
Future of Computers P3
Future of Computers P2
Housing prices crash as 3D printing and maglevs revolutionize construction: Future of Cities
Internet of Things
Social Web vs. Search Engines
Future of Transportation P2
Wearables Replace Smartphones
The AI-only Web