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Build a competitive advantage with Quantumrun's Speaker Network

Quantumrun Foresight’s network of speakers and facilitation professionals will give your employees the mental frameworks and techniques to enhance their long-term strategic thinking, generate new business ideas, and develop competitive advantages.

Organizations and event organizers can confidently hire futurists from Quantumrun’s speaker network to conduct keynotes and workshops about future trends across a diverse range of topics and in the following formats:

Discussion with your executives to answer specific questions on a topic, project or subject of choice.

One-to-one coaching and mentoring session between an executive and the selected speaker. Topics are mutually agreed upon.

A presentation for your internal team based on a mutually agreed topic with content supplied by the speaker. This format is designed specifically for internal team meetings. Maximum 25 participants.

Webinar presentation for your team members on a mutually agreed topic, including question time. Internal replay rights included. Maximum 100 participants.

Webinar presentation for your team and external attendees on a mutually agreed topic. Question time and external replay rights included. Maximum 500 participants.

Keynote or speaking engagement for your corporate event. Topic and content can be customized to event themes. Includes one-on-one question time and participation in other event sessions if required.

Review our full list of speakers below. Click on their image or link to review their full profile.

Futurist speakers

In alphabetical order:

Alex Fergnani | Entrepreneur, Researcher, Executive educator, Youtuber

Alexander Manu | Foresight lecturer, Innovation advisor, Author

Alexandra Whittington | Forbes top women futurist, Educator, Author, TEDx speaker

Amelia Kallman | Futurist, Speaker, Author, Top 25 women in the metaverse

Anders Sorman-Nilsson | Futurist, Think tank founder, Brand Steward

Andrew Grill | Actionable futurist, Board-level technology advisor

Andrew Spence | Workforce futurist, Speaker, Consultant

Anne Skare Nielsen | Futurist keynote speaker, TV host, Author

Bart de Witte | Leading expert driving digital transformation in European healthcare

Ben Whitter | “Mr. Employee Experience,” Workforce futurist, Management advisor

Blake Morgan | Customer experience futurist, Bestselling author

Bronwyn Williams | Futurist, Economist, Business trends analyst

Dr. Claire A. Nelson | Forbes Top 50 female futurist, Innovation consultant

Dale Bracewell | Transportation and mobility, Foresight consultant

Elina Hiltunen | Speaker, Author, Forbes Top 50 Female futurists

George Panopoulos | Technology & innovation speaker, consultant

Geraldine Wharry | Fashion futurist, Advisor, Futures designer

Ghislaine Boddington | Future human, Body responsive tech, Immersive experiences

Hosni Zaouali | EdTech expert, Founder of Adaptika: Education and the Metaverse

Itai Talmi | Business and brand evolution and futuring

James Lisica | Futurist, Strategist, Supply Chain Expert

Jaqueline Weigel | Futurist & Neo-humanist, speaker, writer, teacher

Ken Hubbell | The Pragmatic Futurist, designer, writer, speaker

Kevin Lee | China futurist, Consumer-centric innovation expert

Louka Parry | Education futurist, Learning strategist

Mark van Rijmenam | The digital speaker, Strategic futurist

Marcus T. Anthony | Technology futurist, Academic, Professor

Michael Jackson | Global conference speaker, Facilitator, Futurist

Nick Abrahams | Global leader of digital transformation at Norton Rose Fulbright

Nikolas Badminton | Futurist, Keynote speaker, Author, and Executive advisor

Patrick J. McKenna | Internationally renowned legal expert, Author, Lecturer, Strategist

Paul Fletter | Innovation management coach, Foresight expert

Phnam Bagley | Industrial designer, Aerospace architect, Inventor, Futurist

Reanna Browne | Futurist & Director, Work Futures

Richard Jaimes | Innovation coach, Trainer, Entrepreneur

Samrah Kazmi | Top 100 RegTech speakers, Advisor to startups, boards, and government agencies, Futurist

Scott Steinberg | Futurist, Trends expert, Innovation consultant, Author

Simon Mainwaring | Brand futurist, Author, Podcaster, Top 50 keynote speaker

Thomas Frey | Futurist speaker, Award-winning engineer, DaVinci Institute founder

Thomas Geuken | Expert in futures studies, Executive advisor, Author

Tom Cheesewright | Applied futurist, Author, Broadcaster, Consultant

Trista Harris | Philanthropic futurist, President of FutureGood

Vinay Venkatesan | Futures & Strategy consultant @ Frost & Sullivan

Dr. Vesela Tanaskovic Gassner | Environmental futurist, Eco-science entrepreneur

William Malek | Author, Design-led strategic planning innovator, Execution facilitator

Contact Quantumrun Foresight to facilitate an introductory meeting with one or more futurist speakers, trends speakers, virtual speakers, guest speakers, and professional speakers for keynote events held in any location worldwide. Quantumrun Foresight’s speaker network is a leader in searching for top thought leaders, business speakers, and leading experts for in-person and hybrid events, conferences, conventions, corporate meetings, celebrations, gatherings and more.

Bonus platform subscription with speaker

By investing in the services of any speaker or facilitator listed above, Quantumrun will include a free, two-month subscription to the Quantumrun Foresight Platform.