Previous origins of the Earth debunked

<span property="schema:name">Previous origins of the Earth debunked</span>

Previous origins of the Earth debunked

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    Lydia Abedeen
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In 2005, Western University cosmochemist Audrey Bouvier, with the assistance of Maud Boyet of Blaise Pascal University, discovered the presence of Neodymium-142 ( 142Nd; an isotope of the chemical neodymium). This has been found in not only terrestrial objects, but in other planetary materials as well, through the use of thermal ionization mass spectrometry. 

The duo made this discovery by analyzing chondrites, a mineral-infused meteorite that are often referred to as “Earth’s building blocks” amongst the scientific community. A detailed analysis of these stony structures revealed that traces of 142Nd are evident within these meteorites. Contrary to popular belief that the isotope was developed on Earth, as the planet itself developed in its early stages. Further research that was conducted helped shed light on the fact that neodymium was evident in extraterrestrial structures as well, though in different forms of isotope. Thus, they drew the conclusion that Earth’s origins may be more closely linked to that of other planets than the scientific community may have thought. More research is being conducted to confirm further validity of these claims.

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