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Quantumrun Silicon Valley 100

Quantumrun Silicon Valley 100

The following is the official results of the 2017 Quantumrun Silicon Valley 100, a list that ranks Silicon Valley-based companies by their likelihood to stay in business until 2030. 

Companies that scored below 140 are not expected to survive until 2030.

However, it's worthwhile to note that the scores attributed to each company are different than the company ranks listed below. This ranking also does not represent an absolute forecast of each company's future viability. Instead, this ranking represents a snapshot in time that forecasts a company’s potential future viability, based on their past and current business operations.

The companies listed below may better their position within future editions of this ranking based on their ability to improve upon the criteria used to assess their final ranking score. Moreover, a high or low score does not preclude a company being removed from future editions of this ranking due to an acquisition or merger—corporate actions that can occur regardless of a company’s positive or negative performance.

So without further ado, we present the 2017 Quantumrun Silicon Valley 100.

To gain access to each company's future viability score, and to read the full report and access the full data set used to produce these rankings, click the link below:
Quantumrun Data Access

RankCompany namePatents held
4Cisco Systems12311
8Hewlett Packard31525
12Adobe Systems3181
24PayPal Holdings290