Why the e-shower will replace your shower

The water’s running out and we’re all dying, but don’t panic because you, who’s reading a science journal, are a well-informed adult or at least in the midst of trying to educate yourself. The water will still be pumping until the day you die. For the sake of this article, let’s pretend you aren’t an egotistic maniac and care about the next generation. If that’s too hard a task, then pretend you’re immortal and will see the next two centuries. Imagine wandering the earth looking for water to drink because there’s a shortage and you were too selfish to consider cutting your bathing time in half. Not to worry, though. If you hurry now, you can still take this long shower you love so much. But how, you ask? 

An investment in the Hamwells e-Shower

This shower for one is designed to recycle water during your shower time.  

How it Works 

While you shower, water’s captured in the shower tray, which then descends into a filter that uses UV light to destroy bacteria and other contaminants. The shower uses a smart stop that blocks larger objects, like hair and dead skin, from re-entering the water for extra filtration. After filtering 1.5 litres of fresh, hot water, the hot water’s mixed in to restore water temperature, giving you that fresh shower feeling. 

Why is this product so innovative? 

The shower is designed to circulate the same drop of water 7 times before descending into the sewer system, using a modest 15 litres of water per cycle. 

That sounds like a great idea! Sign me up, but how much does it cost? 

The current price of the e-Shower’s $3, 190 USD. I’ll give you a second to recuperate. Okay, so that price may seem pretty steep, but remember that saying: you have to spend money to make money.  

Using this ecofriendly shower saves you 80% on energy and 90% savings on water. If you were to take 7 showers a week, you would be saving roughly $1, 080 per year. Hamwell lets you see how you’re doing with an energy/water report. The Hamwell e-Shower, provides you with an energy/water report that you can share online and brag to all your friends about how eco-friendly you’re being. The report is generated every 15 days and you will be provided with a “Hamwells’ Tree” on your energy history symbolising your superiority to those peasants who still have to shower in their water draining tub. 

The shower not only makes you feel good about doing your part for the environment, but  there are some other cool features as well. The front panel has a blue tooth speaker to connect to your smart phone so you can enjoy your favourite tunes in the shower. You can enable and disable the shower with the touch of a button, and control the water temperature electronically. 


The e-Shower uses less water than your average shower, so the environmental impact would be profound. The economic impact would be huge as well with people saving money on their hydro bill. It’s estimated that it would take 1.7 years to reap the benefits financially when owning an e-Shower. This cost effective environmentally friendly product can make you feel great about helping the environment and allow you to save more money.

Forecasted start year: 
2016 to 2017


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