Quantumrun team

Who we are

Quantumrun Foresight is a consulting and software firm that uses long-range strategic foresight to help government agencies and private corporations thrive from future trends.

Since 2010, our foresight work has guided strategy, innovation, and R&D teams to stay ahead of disruptive market shifts, as well as generate innovative product, service, and business model offerings.

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Team overview

Quantumrun Foresight believes researching future scenarios will help your organization make better decisions today.

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Quantumrun purple hexagon 2

Since its founding, Quantumrun Foresight has operated and thrived through the efforts of its fully remote and internationally distributed team. This organizational structure not only allows us to pass on cost savings to our clients but also allows us to tackle diverse foresight consulting projects with the benefit of a wide range of perspectives.


Futurespec Group Inc.

Strategic foresight professionals

Richard Jaimes – Senior foresight strategist

Paul Fletter – Senior foresight strategist

Alex Fergnani – Senior foresight strategist

Jayar La Fontaine – Senior foresight strategist

Fabricia Botelho – Strategic foresight consultant

Chris Neels – Strategic foresight consultant

Joy Campilan – Senior research analyst

Shranup Tandukar – Research analyst

Futures editorial team

Richard Brown – Managing editor

Caroline King – Staff writer

Zenda Nel – Staff writer

Elizabeth Davies – Staff writer

Lorna Andrea de Reuck – Staff writer

Helga Steyn – Staff writer

Suresh Ginige – Staff writer

Platform development

David Alexander – Head of Product

Mishraz Bhounr – SaaS technology advisor

Mukesh Kumar – Platform team lead

Dinesh Sharma – Software developer

Ankur Mishra – Software developer

Vaibhav Saxena – QA specialist

Dinesh Prajapati – Server administrator

Client services

David Alexander – Business development manager

Andrea Belick – Account representative

Liana Gibeault – Account representative

Kaelah Shimonov – Communications coordinator


Marc Maze – Graphic designer

Mike Gabrielle Hatamosa – Video editor

Taricul Islam – Social media specialist

Support team

Rey Francis Descartin – Data entry specialist

Asiful Safkat – Data entry specialist

Shihab Sadman – Data entry specialist