We help clients thrive from future trends

Quantumrun Foresight is a consulting firm that uses long-range strategic foresight to help corporations and government agencies design future-ready business and policy ideas.

The business value of strategic foresight

For over 10 years, our foresight work has kept strategy, innovation, and R&D teams ahead of disruptive market shifts and has contributed to developing innovative products, services, legislation, and business models.

Explore Future Business Opportunities

Apply foresight methodologies to develop ideas for new products, services, policy ideas, or business models.

Advisory services

Apply strategic foresight with confidence. Our Account Managers will guide your team through our list of services to help you achieve innovative business outcomes. 

All integrated inside the

Quantumrun Foresight Platform.


Planning a workshop? Webinar? Conference? Quantumrun Foresight’s featured speaker network will give your employees the mental frameworks and techniques to enhance their long-term strategic thinking and generate new policy and business ideas.

Futures content partnerships

Interested in futures-themed thought leadership or content marketing editorial services? Collaborate with our editorial team to produce futures-focused branded content.

Foresight Methodology

Strategic foresight empowers organizations with improved preparedness in challenging market environments. Our analysts and consultants help organizations make more informed decisions to guide their mid to long-term business strategies.

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