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Quantumrun Forecasting is a research and consulting agency that uses long-range strategic foresight to help organizations thrive from future trends.

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The business value of foresight

For 10 years, strategy, innovation, and R&D teams have relied on Quantumrun Forecasting’s trend reporting to stay ahead of disruptive market shifts and to generate innovative product and service offerings.


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Our services


Foresight reports

Custom reports tailored to help your company thrive from future trends.


Disruption-proof workshops

Train employees to discover and capitalize on disruptive industry trends.



Invite Quantumrun speakers to discuss future trends at conferences or corporate events.

Internal foresight department

Build a best-in-class foresight department within your organization to guide innovation.

Forecast monitoring

Anticipate and preemptively manage shareholder expectations.



Advertise your brand to forward-thinking influencers on Quantumrun.com.


Branded content

Collaborate with our editorial team to produce forward-­thinking branded content.


Policy foresight

Generate future-proof legislation for seasoned politicians and promising political candidates.

Corporate longevity assessment

Will your company survive until 2030? Use our longevity assessment methodology to find out.

SciFi visioning

Use science fiction to explore the future reality of your business.


Social engineering

Engineer market acceptance for your radically new product or service offering.

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