Forecast monitoring

Anticipate and preemptively manage shareholder expectations

Similar to media monitoring services that track media impressions for brands, Quantumrun Foresight tracks the forecasts and predictions industry insiders make about our clients. This service can allow your organization to anticipate and preemptively manage shareholder expectations while offering insights to improve and grow your operations.

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This service offering is made possible with the support of Quantumrun Foresight’s network of strategic partners in the media monitoring industry, each specializing in different geographic regions and languages. 

These partnerships enable Quantumrun Foresight analysts to draft monthly or quarterly trend reports highlighting the publicly shared media impressions, forecasts, and predictions that industry insiders and media representatives make about your organization.

Each report will include two components:

First, your team will receive a PDF overview of your organization’s media impressions and brand sentiment. Raw data can also be provided as an Excel spreadsheet.

Second, your team will receive a PDF overview of influential media mentions that detail forecasts/predictions about your organization. For each mention, the document can be customized to include one or more of the following data points:

  • A verbatim copy of the forecast/prediction;
  • Brief summary of forecast;
  • Website where the forecast was first published;
  • Direct link to the forecast
  • The individual making the forecast;
  • The organization he/she works for;
  • Social media accounts;
  • Social media influence;
  • Personal website/blog;
  • Estimated reach of all social shares for this forecast;
  • Social media sentiment (reaction) to this forecast;
  • Website articles/blog posts citing this forecast;
  • Other data points can be included upon request.


BONUS: By investing in this forecast monitoring service, Quantumrun will include a free, three-month subscription to the Quantumrun Foresight Platform.

Key takeaways

These monthly or quarterly reports will keep your division’s team members informed about the public and business sentiment surrounding your organization as it relates to its future offerings and vision.

These reports may also provide insights to generate new product innovations, product lines, and business models for your company to grow its operations.

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