Customized trend research for any budget


For smaller teams that want to gradually introduce foresight research and innovation methods into their day-to-day workflows.
$ 60 per user, per month
  • ✓ Daily trend reporting

    Access Quantumrun's custom-written, subscriber-only insights about a wide range of industries.

  • ✓ Access full industry news database

    Access thousands of curated trend links about hundreds of niche topics.

  • ✓ Access all curated trend lists

    Access hundreds of Lists that focus on specific niche topics, each containing dozens to hundreds of curated trend insights.

  • ✓ Access weekly email alerts of curated trend research
  • ✓ Create unlimited project visualizations

    Import any of your custom Lists into one of many project interfaces and collaborate with your team to explore and segment the List’s content in ways that will improve strategic planning and product ideation.

  • ✓ 1 customized AI-curated news feed
  • ✓ Team collaboration enabled

    If more than one user account is purchased.

  • ✓ Data export*

    Annual plans only.

  • ✓ Account and user setup support
  • ✓ Virtual Q&A and training*

    1 hour per quarter.

  • ✓ Ticket and email support
  • ✓ Access Quantumrun webinars
  • ✓ Premium subscription to Quantumrun newsletters
  • ✓ Hosting and maintenance

    All user-generated content created on the platform or imported into the platform will be hosted and maintained by Quantumrun.

  • ✓ 17% discount for annual subscriptions


For mid-sized teams looking for trend research automation, on-demand support services, and better collaboration tools.
$ 499 per month
  • Everything in Pro, plus:
  • ✓ 25 user accounts
  • ✓ 10 customized AI-curated news feeds
  • ✓ Powerful roles and permissions

    The 10 default user accounts for this plan includes 1 administrator account and an optional number of Manager accounts. 

  • ✓ Enhanced team collaboration functionality

    Simpler team collaboration features.

  • ✓ Ongoing virtual Q&A and training*

    1 hour per month. 

  • ✓ Dedicated Account Manager
  • ✓ Data import enabled

    Teams have the ability to manually add user-generated content into the platform, as well as access the add-on service of importing their team's entire trend research into the platform.

  • ✓ SSO sign-in* (Learn more)

    Available, but includes an additional cost per user. As a security feature, SSO is an authentication scheme that allows a user to log in with a single ID to any of several related yet independent software systems. This is an ideal option for further securing admin accounts.

  • ✓ 15% discount for annual subscriptions


For large teams or multi-department initiatives needing more extensive and customized trend research and support services.
$ 1,399 per month, charged annually
  • Everything in Business, plus:
  • ✓ Unlimited user accounts
  • ✓ Unlimited AI-curated news feeds
  • ✓ Dedicated foresight researcher for one day per week.

    Enterprise accounts benefit from access to one foresight professional being assigned to their company for one full 8-hour day per week (4 days per month) to execute any requested foresight research and report writing task.

  • ✓ Unlimited virtual Q&A and training

    Training is available as needed within the availability of our training staff.

  • ✓ Phone support
  • ✓ RSS integration with external websites
  • ✓ API access
  • ✓ Permission to republish Quantumrun content*

    Permission to republish Quantumrun content with proper citations to

  • ✓ Facilitated data import*

    Quantumrun will import your team’s (or your organization’s) existing internal trend research into the platform. This service is limited to platform-compatible research data and file types. 

  • ✓ 20% discount on 2-year subscriptions


For the company-wide implementation of foresight tools and methodologies to support strategy and innovation initiatives.
Contact us à la carte pricing
  • Everything in Enteprise, plus:
  • ✓ White label platform in organization branding

    Copy the Quantumrun platform in your company's brand colors, logo, and unique customization needs.

  • ✓ Unlimited customized AI-curated news feeds
  • ✓ Unlimited human trend reporting
  • ✓ Customized tagging and category options
  • ✓ Unlimited virtual Q&A and training
  • ✓ Custom API integration with external website(s)
  • ✓ Custom data visualization development
  • ✓ Custom hosting (on-premise, custom regions)
  • ✓ 24/7 technical support
  • ✓ Enterprise-grade data governance & security

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Add-on services to expand your trend research


Add an unlimited number of users to your organization account
Per user
  • Pro: $60/m per user, 17% discount if paid annually
  • Business: $18/m per user, 12m commitment


$ 1,295 per month
  • Access to one foresight researcher for one full 8-hour day per week to execute any requested foresight research and report writing task.


Bespoke research
$ 145 per hour
  • Custom volume of trend reporting

    Request unlimited monthly volumes of custom-written trend research.

  • White label content production

    Request rights to republish Quantumrun written content on your organization’s website and other online mediums.

  • Human Signal curation

    Request unlimited monthly volumes of manually-curated trend research.

  • Additional AI news feeds*

    Request unlimited monthly Pricing volumes of AI-curated trend research. Pricing is available upon request.     

  • List curation services

    Request List curation services from Quantumrun foresight professionals.

  • Custom tagging and categories*

    Request custom tagging and categories tailored to your research. Pricing is available upon request.     


Virtual webinars; Perfect for limited budgets and one-hour lunch-and-learns.
$ 2,995 per webinar
  • Introduction to strategic foresight
    Live webinar covering an overview of the strategic foresight field, why organizations increasingly use foresight, some common foresight methods, and best approaches to introducing foresight into your organization. Q&A included.
  • Scenario building: The step-by-step guide
    Live webinar explaining the step-by-step process of running an effective strategic foresight scenario modeling exercise designed to identify actionable strategies for success in these future environments.
  • Quarterly trend update
    Live webinar presenting a high-level overview of the top industry trends Quantumrun has been reporting on over the previous three months. Q&A included.
  • Signals scanning best practices
    Live webinar that shares Quantumrun's best practices for signal scanning / horizon scanning, a foundational activity required for all foresight and innovation research projects.
  • Selecting the right foresight methodology
    This Q&A format will see the presenter listen to your organization's current business challenge and then suggest one or more foresight methodologies best suited to solve it.


Select from a wide range of practical foresight services to compliment your platform usage.
Contact us
  • Business ideation

    Apply trends research to develop ideas for new products, services, policy ideas, or business models.

  • Foresight research support

    Receive daily, monthly, or quarterly trend reports tailored to your team’s research priorities.

  • Policy foresight

    Generate future-proof policy ideas and legislation to support government services and political campaigns.

  • Scenario modeling

    Apply scenario modeling to understand future market environments and execute multi-year planning and investments with confidence.

  • Internal foresight department

    Build a best-in-class foresight department within your organization to guide innovation initiatives.