SciFi visioning

Use science fiction to explore future business possibilities

Quantumrun’s foresight professionals and science fiction author network can create fictional visions or narratives of the future that feature a topic of choice or how your organization might operate inside the future marketplace. 

Short stories, scripts, interactive web narratives, video series, documentaries, virtual and augmented reality walk-throughs—Quantumrun Foresight will collaborate with your team to creatively communicate a future vision of change that can influence internal stakeholders or clients.

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The scenario-building method involves researching and exploring several distinct and detailed visions of what the market might look like 10, 20, or even 50 years from now. The multi-step process involves identifying and ranking the drivers, signals, and trends that can build distinct and thought-provoking scenarios. Once completed, narratives can be written that humanize and communicate the impact of these scenarios to internal and external stakeholders. 


Quantumrun Foresight’s network of futurists and science fiction writers can research and write fictional narratives of the future that features your industry or organization. These narratives can help your internal leadership, R&D, and strategy teams to better visualize how your organization might operate in the future marketplace.


Quantumrun Foresight’s editorial team and network of multimedia specialists can produce diverse multimedia deliverables. This service can involve script writing, podcast production, and video production. Click below to learn more!


Quantumrun Foresight’s graphic design specialists, alongside our network of specialist arts professionals, can help your organization convert complex ideas into engaging and informative infographics, physical art pieces, corporate report layouts, and advertorials.

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