Trend scanning

Outsource your industry trend scanning

Trend scanning. Horizon scanning. Signal collection. This foresight activity goes by many names. But whatever you call it, it is foundational to any innovation project. 

The activity involves monitoring public information sources—including news publishers, industry journals, scientific papers, corporate newsrooms, and subject matter expert blogs—to collect insights hinting at emerging trends that may reveal potential business opportunities or risks worth investigating. 

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Service overview


When done properly, trend scanning is a labor-intensive process. Even with automated Google alerts and publisher newsletters, your organization needs one or more team members to regularly curate forward-looking insights from the daily news feeds. 

Fortunately, Quantumrun Foresight’s research economies of scale can affordably support your organization’s trend scanning needs. After our analysts understand your core trend-sensing needs, they can deliver research packages in various formats to suit your organization’s budget and research priorities. Some options to consider:

  • Review global trend insights by investing in a Business subscription to the Quantumrun Foresight Platform.
  • Invest in AI-curation feeds customized by foresight professionals to match your team’s research priorities. Review AI curation service.
  • Receive one custom-written trend report and five custom-curated news links each weekday that reflects your organization’s research priorities by investing in an Enterprise subscription to the Quantumrun Foresight Platform.
  • Receive a custom volume of curated research links each week or month made available in an excel spreadsheet or as a custom list on the Quantumrun Foresight Platform.
  • Receive a custom volume of curated research each week or month, made available in an excel spreadsheet, that contains custom summaries and metadata columns customized to your organization’s data processing needs.
  • Receive a custom volume of curated research each week or month, in the form of customized, branded trend cards, i.e., quarter, half, or full-page PDFs detailing summary information about a topic for internal workshop/meeting use.


Trend scanning samples are available upon request. Likewise, trial platform subscriptions are available upon request.

Learn more about Quantumrun Foresight’s trend scanning methodology. Click here.

Quantumrun will include a free, three-month subscription to the Quantumrun Foresight Platform by investing in this trend scanning service.

Key takeaways

Reduce costs by outsourcing labor-intensive trend scanning activities to Quantumrun Foresight.

Receive regular trend scanning deliverables in the format of your choosing.

Identify emerging and disruptive trends early so that your organization can proactively prepare for and thrive in future market environments.

Select a date and schedule a meeting to learn how Trend Scanning can help your business