Virtual foresight researcher

Virtual research support for any foresight need

Clients of Quantumrun’s consulting subscriptions and Enterprise platform subscription benefit from the services of a dedicated virtual foresight researcher from the Quantumrun Foresight team. 

This individual will be assigned to your team for one full 8-hour day per week (four weeks per month) to execute any requested foresight research and report writing task.

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Research assignment options

Quantumrun’s foresight researchers can free up time for your team by assisting you with the following tasks. Click each row to review details.

Our foresight researchers can draft articles and short reports that summarize topics about a range of emerging trends. This content can then be branded and republished to internal and external stakeholders.

Human curators can sometimes identify signals that the Quantumrun platform AI feeds might miss. Also, certain websites have paywalls or limit the ability of outside news aggregator platforms to copy their content library’s article preview data (e.g., titles, intro sentences, links, etc.). In these cases, human curators can access these websites and manually copy over relevant, fair-use preview details. These signals can be published to the platform or delivered in an alternative medium.

Our foresight researchers can draft a branded newsletter about trends in a specific or broad selection of industries.

Sector executives—any high-profile leader overseeing a portfolio or an industry adapting to a high degree of change and disruption—may benefit from regular briefings detailing future trends. Quantumrun researchers can lead the production of these summary reports or briefings and customize them to leadership needs.

Assign our foresight researchers a specific topic to review, and they will collect and summarize research on that topic in a format of your choosing.

Our foresight researchers can score a collection of Signal links from one or more of your team's lists to help make your company's Project visualizations more complete. 

Our foresight researchers can curate platform lists about selected topics on your team's behalf that you can then convert into project graphs/visualizations.

Please review the full policy considerations when utilizing this Enterprise service. 

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