Quantumrun Advertising Policy

Effective: November 20, 2020 

The Quantumrun Advertising Platform (the “Platform”) is intended to provide a means for organizations of all sizes and budgets to collect public and expert feedback about the ideas, products, and services that they share on the Quantumrun website. Moreover, to enhance our users experience by providing engaging, relevant, accurate, and fair advertisements, Quantumrun reviews proposed advertisements to ensure the furtherance of these objectives, which are more specifically described in this Quantumrun Advertising Policy (the “Policy”).  While the Policy contains certain categories of prohibited and restricted advertisements, the Policy is neither an exhaustive list of all regulated categories of advertisements nor of each regulation related to any single category.  Indeed, Quantumrun regularly reviews the objectives and policies of the Platform in light of emerging advertising trends, methods, and regulations, of the values and preferences of Quantumrun and its users, and of other operational considerations.  Accordingly, Quantumrun reserves the right to amend this Policy at any time without notice and to modify, reject, or remove any advertisements, including advertisements not explicitly prohibited by the Policy, in its sole discretion.  

I) Compliance with the Policy and Legal Requirements

It is the responsibility of the advertiser to ensure that its advertisements and materials comply with all applicable laws and regulations, the Policy, and any instructions provided by Quantumrun.  While the guidelines below may reflect certain legal requirements that are applicable to advertisers within particular industries, these guidelines are not legal advice.  Indeed, adherence to these guidelines may not be sufficient to fulfill the legal requirements and regulations applicable to your industry.  Quantumrun urges advertisers to consult with their legal counsel regarding appropriate advertising practices for their industries, locations, and any additional locations targeted for advertising.

II) Prohibited Advertisements and Practices

Quantumrun maintains a general prohibition on advertiser and organization conduct that is designed to circumvent the Policy or to abuse the capabilities of the Platform.  While this prohibition includes conduct that results in advertising-platform arbitrage, that redirects users to unknown destinations, that disseminates malware, that exploits data from users in an irresponsible manner, or that endeavours to circumvent Quantumrun’s review and feedback systems, whether specific conduct falls within this general prohibition is determined in the sole discretion of Quantumrun.  In addition to this general prohibition, Quantumrun prohibits advertisements related to the following categories of products and services on its Platform:

1. Products or Services in Violation of Trade Policies

Advertisements may not relate to products or services that represent trade with countries subject to embargoes or trade sanctions by the United States.

2. Counterfeit Goods

Advertisements may not promote or offer for sale counterfeit goods, including inauthentic collectibles or memorabilia and goods with a mark or logo that is likely to be confused with the trademark of another.

3. Hazardous Products or Services

Advertisers may not use the Platform to promote the use or sale of hazardous, dangerous, or injurious products or services, including products subject to consumer recalls, explosive materials or fireworks, recreational drugs or substances, weapons, guns, ammunition, explosives, tobacco products, and related products or services.  

4. Products or Services that Facilitate Illegal, Fraudulent, or Misleading Behavior

Products or services may not be advertised on Quantumrun that facilitate illegal, fraudulent, or misleading behavior.  Examples of such products or services include those used for hacking or obtaining unauthorized access to wire, electronic, or other networks, those designed to circumvent copyright limitations, those designed to cause inflation of website metrics, such as clicks, impressions, likes, or followers, those designed to produce inauthentic documents, work product, or credentials, those which obscure the transparency of the blockchain, those designed to assist in evasion of law-enforcement activities, and those related to unlawful, improbable, or unsubstantiated financial products and services, investment, or contribution strategies and schemes.  

5. Obscene, Offensive, or Inappropriate Content

Advertisers on Quantumrun may not advertise or disseminate obscene, offensive, or otherwise inappropriate content, products, or services.  This includes but is not limited to:

  • Content that depicts intolerant or overly contentious cultural or political topics or views
  • Content that includes vulgar words or images
  • Sexually explicit content, products, or services
  • Content that attempts to capitalize on tragedies, health crises, natural disasters, or acts of mass violence

6. Deceptive, Untrue, or Misleading Advertising

Advertisers on Quantumrun must ensure their advertisements are truthful, non-deceptive, and defensible.  Thus, advertisers may not employ techniques that are deceptive, untrue, or misleading, including failing to disclose material terms of an offer or service, irresponsible use of the term “free,” offering software that includes the undisclosed collection of personal data or malicious applications, promoting products that facilitate spam, making factual claims unsupported by a reasonable basis, or using sensational, exaggerated, or overly provocative content.

Ads must not mislead users into interacting with their creative content; this includes ads that simulate system or site warnings/error messages or appear to offer a functionality that is not present within the ad.

7. Inappropriate Targeting

Quantumrun strives to offer useful and relevant ads to its users. As such, all targeting must be relevant, appropriate, and in compliance with relevant legal obligations of the advertiser. 

Examples of inappropriate targeting may include (but are not limited to): 

  • Goods or services targeted to regions where they are illegal;
  • Age-restricted products or services targeted to minors;
  • Ads whose targeting illegally discriminates; 
  • Ads whose targeting is likely to provoke or cause outrage.

Ads disapproved for inappropriate targeting may be resubmitted with targeting revisions.

III) Restricted Advertisements

In addition to the prohibitions on certain categories of advertisements, Quantumrun also enforces limitations how certain products and services may be advertised on the website.  These restrictions are designed to ensure that controversial or age-restricted products or services appear only to the appropriate users.  These restricted categories of advertisements are discussed in more detail below:  

8. Alcohol

All alcohol advertisements must be manually approved and certified by Quantumrun. In order to be approved, the advertiser must be actively working with a Quantumrun Sales Representative. 

Additionally, advertisements related to alcoholic beverages or products must:

(i) comply with applicable laws and regulations, which may include those applicable to the location of your business and of your target audience;

(ii) comply with industry standards, as may be reflected in the Distilled Spirits Council Code of Responsible Practices, the Beer Institute Advertising and Marketing Code and Guidelines, or the Wine Institute Code of Advertising Standards; and

(iii) target individuals above the legal-drinking age.

9. Third-Party Rights

Quantumrun restricts advertisements that may infringe upon the rights of third parties, including copyrights, trademarks, rights to privacy or publicity, or other personal or proprietary rights.  If a proposed advertisement includes third-party content that has been authorized for such use, advertisers may be required to submit documentation to Quantumrun evidencing such authorization.

10. Gambling and Gambling-Related Services

All gambling advertisements must be manually approved and certified by Quantumrun. In order to be approved, the advertiser must be actively working with a Quantumrun Sales Representative.  All approved gambling advertisers must comply with applicable laws, regulations, and licensing requirements, which may include those applicable to the location of your business, those applicable to the location of your target audience, and those related to responsible gambling. They must also comply with industry standards, as may be reflected in the American Gaming Association’s Code of Conduct for Responsible Gaming (or country equivalent), and ensure minors are not the target of such advertisements.

The following products and services will be affected by this policy:

  • Online casinos and gambling where real money is exchanged
  • Sports betting
  • Fantasy sports games where real money (or other items of value) is exchanged
  • Lotteries
  • Brick and mortar casinos
  • Games/apps played for money or other items of value, such as gift cards

The following products and services will not be affected by this policy:

  • Gaming where nothing of value is exchanged
  • Gambling-related merchandise
  • Hotel-casinos that primarily promote the hotel

11. Health and Pharmaceutical

Quantumrun restricts the promotion of certain health and wellness products and services.  In addition to our own policies, all advertisements must comply with applicable laws, rules, regulations, licensing requirements, and industry standards. Advertisers are responsible for geo-targeting in compliance with country-specific laws and regulations. 

Further, advertisements may not make false, misleading, or exaggerated health claims; promote products that are subject to any regulatory action or warning; or promote a non-government-approved product in a manner that implies safety or efficacy in diagnosing, mitigating, treating, curing, or preventing a particular disease or ailment.

Subject to the preceding requirements and pre-approval by Quantumrun, the following products or services may be advertised, except as noted:

(i) Pharmacies, including online pharmacies, that are certified by a third-party licensing organization such as the NABP or LegitScript. Proof of licensing may be necessary for approval.

(ii) Pharmaceutical and medical products that are approved by the FDA (or foreign equivalent, depending on the advertisement’s geographic targeting) including but not limited to:

  • Prescription drugs 
  • Over-the-counter medicines 
  • Medical devices
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturers
  • Products for the prevention of pregnancy and/or sexually transmitted infections, and erectile dysfunction (providing such advertisements do not target minors and only focus on the clinical aspects of the product, rather than sexual performance or enhancement)

(iii) Approved supplements with a demonstrated record of safety, subject to Quantumrun’s sole discretion. All ads for supplements must include appropriate, clearly legible disclaimers in the advertisement creative. Additionally, supplement advertisements may not do the following:

  • Make unsubstantiated claims
  • Promise unexpected results
  • Imply that the product can diagnose, cure, mitigate, treat, or prevent a disease
  • Imply that a product is as effective or more effective than an FDA (or equivalent) approved prescription drug or medical treatment

(iv) Clinical trials with proof of approval by the relevant regulatory authority.

(v) Appropriately licensed (including FDA or foreign equivalent approval where necessary) medical services, procedures, and tests including but not limited to:

  • Licensed medical professionals
  • Telemedicine providers with proper medical licensing and registration
  • Family planning tests and services
  • HIV and other infectious disease tests
  • Genetic testing services
  • Medical and cosmetic surgery

(vi) The advertisement of addiction treatment centers and services is prohibited.

12. Political Advertisements

All political advertisements must be manually approved by Quantumrun. To be approved, the advertiser must be actively working with a Quantumrun Sales Representative. Political advertisers will also be asked to present additional information to verify their identity and/or authorization to place such advertisements.

Political advertisements on Quantumrun include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Ads related to campaigns or elections, or that solicit political donations;
  • Ads that promote voting or voter registration (discouraging voting or voter registration is not allowed);
  • Ads promoting political merchandise (for example, products featuring a public office holder or candidate, political slogans, etc); 
  • Issue ads or advocacy ads pertaining to topics of potential legislative or political importance or placed by political organizations

Advertisements in this category must include clear "paid for by" disclosures within the ad copy and/or creative, and must comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including those promulgated by the Federal Elections Commission. All political advertisements must also have comments enabled for at least the first 24 hours of the ad run. The advertiser is strongly encouraged to engage with Quantumrun users directly in these comments. The advertisement and any comments must still adhere to Quantumrun’s Content Policy.

Please note additionally that information regarding political ad campaigns and their purchasing individuals or entities may be publicly disclosed by Quantumrun for transparency purposes.

Finally, Quantumrun only accepts political advertisements within Canada and the United States, at the federal level. Political advertisements at the state and local level, or outside of North America are not allowed.

13. Financial Services Including Cryptocurrencies

Ads related to the exchange, management, or investment of funds (fiat or virtual) must comply with known applicable laws, regulations, licensing obligations, and industry requirements. 

For all ads within this category, at the minimum we require the following disclosures to be easily accessible in the ad or from the landing page:

  • Proper disclosure of all fees;
  • Evidence of appropriate regulator and/or third-party accreditations or certifications.

Subject to the preceding requirements and approval by Quantumrun, the following non-exhaustive list of products or services may be advertised:

  • FDIC (or foreign equivalent) registered banks and their associated products and services;
  • Tax filing services;
  • Apps that track/monitor stocks or financial trends, including cryptocurrency trackers so long as they do not require wallet integration;
  • Budgeting apps;
  • Brokerage or trading platforms and associated apps for traditional stocks/bonds as well as for cryptocurrency exchanges with a demonstrated record of legitimate business practices;
  • Apps or services that facilitate payment or transfer of funds; 
  • Events related to business, finance, cryptocurrencies, and related subjects, so long as there is easily accessible disclosure in the ad copy or landing page clarifying that the information presented is not investment advice.

The following non-exhaustive list of products or services are prohibited from being advertised on the site:

  • Single securities or other tradable financial assets
  • Bail bonds
  • Payday loans
  • Debt assistance programs
  • Get rich quick schemes
  • Pyramid schemes and multi-level marketing
  • Penny auctions
  • Binary options
  • Cryptocurrency wallets
  • Unaccredited digital banks that perform any traditional bank-like functions
  • Cryptocurrency credit or debit cards
  • Initial coin offerings, token sales, or other means of promotion or advertisement of individual digital currencies or tokens.

14. Unofficial Resale of Event Tickets

Advertisements for the unofficial resale of event tickets are prohibited if done in a manner that conflicts with the regulations of the venue or that is in violation of applicable law.

15. Live Animals

Advertisements promoting the sale of live animals are generally prohibited; however, Quantumrun permits advertisements related to pet adoption from bona fide animal-welfare organizations.  

16. Mature-Rated Media and Entertainment Video 

Video advertisements of the following (non-exhaustive) mature-rated media and entertainment are permitted with restrictions:

  • MPAA (or country-equivalent) rated-R films
  • TV Rating MA (or country-equivalent) shows
  • ESRB Rated MA (or country-equivalent) video games
  • A digital film or show from an established subscription-based streaming service 

Video ads are subject to the review and approval by Quantumrun and must conform to all technical requirements of section V of this policy. Ads that include content not suitable for a general audience (e.g. “redband” trailers, or those that otherwise include graphic or potentially shocking portrayals of mature situations and/or profanity) may require restrictions and additional tagging and may be rejected at Quantumrun’s sole discretion.

17. Dating Services

Quantumrun allows dating sites, apps, and associated services to advertise, with restrictions. All advertisers within this vertical must be pre-approved and working directly with a Quantumrun sales representative.

The following types of sites, apps, and services are prohibited:

  • Those centered on infidelity;
  • Those that provide for casual sex, international matchmaking, escorts, prostitution, intimate massages or other, similar services;
  • Those focused on fetish communities;
  • Those that exclude persons of specific races, sexualities, religions, political affiliations, etc.

IV) Editorial Requirements

To ensure that advertisements appearing on the Quantumrun website enhance a user’s experience, Quantumrun maintains high standards for not only the content and style of advertisements but also the URL and landing page of any promoted website.

18. Style Policies

Advertisements on the Quantumrun website that appear clearly and concisely both add to a user’s experience and are more likely to produce the advertiser’s desired results. Below are general guidelines for effective communication using the Quantumrun website :

  • Use correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
  • Do not use excessive punctuation, capitalization, or symbols.
  • Unless required by law or by a regulatory authority, do not include personal information in the headline title, such as a telephone number.
  • Headline titles are limited to 300 characters, including spaces.
  • Thumbnail images may not exceed a file size of 500kb.
  • Advertisements designed for a mobile platform must not contain text that is difficult to read or more than 40% text.
  • Avoid images that are of low quality, unreadable, or unintelligible. This includes images that are excessively cropped, edited, blurry, or incomplete.

19. Quality

Quantumrun requires all ads on the website to meet high professional and editorial standards. To ensure users are presented with high quality and useful ads, we require the following:

  • Ads must clearly and accurately represent the brand, product, or service that is being promoted
  • The ad should not purposely withhold information as a way to persuade users into interacting with it (eg “clickbait) 

20. Content Policies

Advertisements are a reflection of the product or service that is being promoted. Accordingly, advertisers should endeavor to achieve relevancy, accuracy, and fairness in promotion. Below are general guidelines for contributing effective advertising content to the Quantumrun website:

(i) Advertisement copy in a language other than English should be appropriately targeted.

(ii) Advertising content must be suitable for a general audience unless specifically targeted to an appropriate audience.

(iii) Advertisements may not use Quantumrun’s intellectual property without written consent.

21. URL and Landing Page Policies

Advertisers must ensure that the destination URL and the landing page corresponding to the advertised product or service maintain the same level of quality expected for content on the Quantumrun website. For example, landing pages may not be designed primarily to serve advertisements or contain features that inhibit a user’s ability to interact with or leave the page, including features such as pop-up or pop-under advertisements, misleading dialog boxes, or non-functional buttons. In addition, the landing-page URL must match that of the advertisement, must not be solely designed to send a user elsewhere, and must not contain or refer to any content that would be otherwise prohibited by the Policy.

V) Video Ads

Video ads offer a different type of engagement with users than standard promoted post ads on Quantumrun and therefore have unique specifications and policies. In addition to all other listed policies, videos must abide by the following additional guidelines:

  • All videos must contain high-quality audio and visuals, devoid of illegible text and/or dialogue as well as blurry or unclear imagery. Strobing, flashing, or otherwise distracting images are also disallowed.
  • All videos must be relevant to what is being advertised.
  • All thumbnails must be appropriate for all audiences and of high quality.

VI) Consequences for Violations

In its sole discretion, Quantumrun will determine the consequences for a violation of the Policy or of the rejection of any submitted content. Consequences may include the following:

(i) Disapproval: Advertising content in conflict with this Policy or determined to be inappropriate for the website in Quantumrun’s sole discretion may be disapproved by Quantumrun.

(ii) Restriction: Quantumrun, in its sole discretion, may restrict or entirely prevent certain domains, websites, or services from using the website.

(iii) Suspension: Quantumrun, in its sole discretion, may suspend an advertiser’s account from contributing content to the website.  If an account is suspended, any related accounts and content from such accounts will be suspended as well