Business ideation

Interested in exploring how future trends can inspire business opportunities?

Apply trends research to develop ideas for new insurance sector products, services, and business models.


Can your team benefit from staying ahead of industry trends?  

Receive daily, monthly, or quarterly trend reports tailored to your team’s insurance-related research priorities.


Invest in a foresight platform that lets your team outsource trend research, automate market analysis, and generate new business.

An ideal investment for insurance companies that want to introduce foresight into their operations and stay informed about external societal trends that may influence the insurance product offerings.

Futures Content Partnerships

Collaborate with our editorial team to produce forward-­thinking branded content targeted to insurance sector stakeholders for your corporate blogs, newsletters, and promotional campaigns.


Planning a workshop? Webinar? Conference?

Quantumrun Foresight’s featured speaker network will give your employees the mental frameworks and techniques to enhance their long-term strategic thinking and generate new business ideas within the insurance sector.


Idea realization

Internal foresight department

Build a best-in-class foresight department within your organization to guide innovation initiatives.

Scenario modeling

Apply scenario modeling to understand future market environments and execute multi-year planning and investments with confidence.

Multimedia production

Produce futures-themed video content about innovative emerging trends relevant to your business.

Trend scanning

Outsource signal scanning, identify trends earlier, proactively prepare for and thrive in future market environments.

Organizational Change Management

Optimize the results of your change initiatives or learn how to build a change-ready culture fit for the Future of Work.

Foresight reports

Market research

Combine Quantumrun’s foresight insights with external market research services.

SciFi visioning

Use science fiction to explore the future business possibilities of your organization.


Explore Quantumrun's global roster of speakers to discuss future trends at conferences or corporate events.

Corporate longevity assessments

Will your company survive until 2030? Our corporate assessment tools can help your team find out.

Forecast monitoring

Forecast monitoring

Online sensing tools that anticipate and preemptively manage shareholder expectations.

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