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Our Forecaster BrainTrust is comprised of 4,000+ subject matter experts from a range of disciplines and industries worldwide. These are experts who we have individually invited to collaborate with us on current and future projects to ensure our clients receive both informed and multidisciplinary insights to advise their long­term growth strategy.


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The more complete your profile, the larger the rates we can pay you and more frequently you will be selected to participate in Forecaster BrainTrust projects.

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There are a number of ways you can advise and consult with the Fortune 500 clients we partner with. When filling out your profile, we ask that you select a minimum of two.


Inclusion into the Forecaster BrainTrust is by invite only. If you are selected to join this network, you will gain access to a select group of people through unique networking opportunities and future Quantumrun membership services.

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