David Tal

David Tal is the Founder and President of Quantumrun Foresight, a research and consulting agency that specializes in long-term strategic foresight to help organizations thrive from future trends.

David has been involved in organizational transformations across a range of sectors spanning from the government to media, developing a framework to better position organizations in a dynamic economy filled with accelerated disruption. David currently oversees Quantumrun Foresight marketing and special project initiatives.

Featured keynote topic

David Tal’s featured speaking topic is corporate longevity: the 24 keys to future-proofing your company until 2030.

This keynote topic is all about ‘corporate longevity’—why do some companies survive far longer than others. And the data David will present is based on the Quantumrun Global 1000 research report that uses a new methodology to rank 1,000 companies based on their likelihood to stay in business until 2030. The official news release and details can be found here.

Overall, David will share an entertaining and visual presentation that will introduce the concept and importance of corporate longevity while also giving the audience key insights and practical tools they can use to improve the long-term viability of their startup or established business.

Other keynote topics by David Tal

David Tal also has experience speaking about the future of retail, education, food, and the Internet.

Depending on the lead time provided, David can also prepare engaging keynote presentations or panel discussions on any of the themes he has written about below.

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Published Writings

Editorial: David Tal has written about future trends on a wide range of topics, including the future of:

Cities | Climate change | Computers | Crime | Demographics | The economy | Education | Energy | Food | Health | Human evolution | The Internet | Law | Policing | Retail | Transportation | Work

Podcast: David Tal regularly hosts the Quantumrun Life in 2030 and Quantumrun-on-one podcasts that can be found on Apple iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and everywhere else where you listen to podcasts.

Research: David Tal is the co-author of the annual Quantumrun Global 1000 report that uses 24 key criteria to rank 1,000 companies based on their likelihood to stay in business until 2030. Read the findings of this and other Quantumrun reports.

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