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Future-proof legislation for solution-minded constituents

Quantumrun Foresight has consulted with political campaigns and governments at all levels to advise them in the creation of forward-thinking policy proposals and legislation that can preemptively address and manage the most disruptive trends that are set to shape tomorrow’s economy and society.

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Whether your lobbying firm, policy office or political campaign is liberal or conservative (or anything in between), Quantumrun Foresight policy division will collaborate with your team to:

  • Understand the goals of your elected representative or political candidate;
  • Understand the priorities of their constituency;
  • Map out the constraints that govern your riding or electoral district;
  • Forecast the emerging trends set to influence your riding or electoral district; and then;
  • Consult on existing or formulate new, solutions-focused policy and legislation that considers the impact of emerging trends in technology, science, demographics, culture, and business.

BONUS: By investing in this policy foresight service, Quantumrun will include a free, three-month subscription to the Quantumrun Foresight Platform.

Key takeaways

By collaborating with Quantumrun Foresight policy division, your office will generate innovative policy proposals and legislation that are growth-minded, solutions-focused and forward-thinking. Furthermore, this collaboration will ensure that your elected representative or political candidate:

  • Is educated about the future trends that will matter the most to his or her constituents;
  • Is viewed publicly as insightful and forward-thinking; and
  • Is viewed as a political figure with the ideas to tackle and thrive from the challenges of tomorrow.

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